Storm of Secrets and Sorrow by Melissa K. Roehrich (ePUB)

storm secrets sorrow, melissa roehrich

Storm of Secrets and Sorrow (Legacy #2) by Melissa K. Roehrich – Free eBooks Download


In a realm full of secrets, she’s collecting them all.
A choice to make.

Tessalyn Ausra’s fate has always been out of her hands. Still bonded to the Heir of Endings, she now finds herself with more control than ever before. Everyone wants something from her, and she has to choose a side. But in a realm full of villains, she trusts no one, and she has secrets of her own to keep.
A plan to salvage.
Control and knowledge have always been Theon St. Orcas’s greatest weapons, but both have slipped through his fingers. Given a task by the rulers of the realm, he’s racing against the clock to get his plans back on track. But as myths become reality, he finds himself fighting more than time in an effort to keep what’s his or lose it all to fury.
A fate to alter.
Axel St. Orcas has never minded rubbing shoulders with the depraved rather than the elite. It’s easier to hide his shame among the corrupt. But with each passing day, he risks triggering a curse and endangering those he cares for most. He’ll sacrifice anything to keep them safe, even if that means giving up everything he is.
Who will be left standing when Chaos comes to reign?

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