Stolen Sins by Vivi Paige (ePUB)

stolen sins, bonnie kennedy

Stolen Sins (Devil’s Playground #4) by Vivi Paige, Bonnie Kennedy – Free eBooks Download


She’s a wet dream wrapped in a tease.
And the only thing standing in my way of my mission.
Jessica Bonaduce.
The kind of girl that makes a man realize why he was put on this planet.
So that he could grab her soft, curvy body.
Throw her over his shoulder.
And hear her scream his name.
But there’s one problem.
She’s the only thing stopping me from getting to the man I need to kill.
Primo Mancini.
He’s been talking to the feds.
And it’s my job to shut him up, one way or the other.
But it’s her job to protect him.
With her life if seems.
I’ll be damned if I let her stop me.
But if I stop her, I’ll be damned forever.
Having lost the only woman I’ll ever love.
When the bullets start flying,
Am I going to save the woman who stole my heart?
Or am I going to be aiming for hers?

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