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stolen moments, maren smith

Stolen Moments by Maren Smith – Free eBooks Download


The Ripper’s last victim…
The last thing museum owner Flora O’Bannon expects is to find her name on a 150-year-old locket. As she brushes the dust away, the mystery doesn’t just deepen… it explodes. In a fury of blue swirling light, it rips her from her museum, whisks her back in time, and drops her in the middle of London’s Whitechapel, an unwilling witness to the single most horrific murder to rock the Victorian world.

Her only hope…
Butcher and shop owner Draven Gray lost everything with the deaths of his wife and son. At times, it’s as if he’s died along with them, right up until the morning he rescues a woman from certain murder. She’s battered, lucky to still be breathing, without any memory of who she is, and she looks uncannily like his dead wife. She’s not, of course, but knowing that and leaving Florrie to fend for herself in Whitechapel are two distinctly different things. Especially once word gets out about the Ripper’s only surviving victim. Now everyone wants a piece of Florrie—the papers, the police, even the Ripper himself—but Draven is determined…
To get to her, first they’ll have to go through him. And he has knives of his own.

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