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Stockings and Sugarplums (Hearts of Snow Lake #6.5) by Ashton Cade – Free eBooks Download


Phineas: I’m not just attracted to Pastor Liam. I don’t only think he’s a great guy who I want to spend more time with. There’s more to it. Feelings I have never felt toward any guy, no matter how much I wished I would. As crazy as it sounds, Liam’s the total package. I didn’t even believe in this kind of nonsense before him, but I feel like he might be The One.

Yeah, insane. I know. I never bought into that fairy tale, soul-mates bullsh!t before, but there’s this indescribable tug to be nearer to Liam, to get to know him better, that has never existed for me. What else could it be? Just one little problem with that though: I’m almost positive Liam’s not gay. He’s a pastor, for crying out loud.
When push comes to shove in Liam’s life, I start to understand exactly why the ministry is a calling for him. He can’t help himself. Self-preservation isn’t even part of the equation when there’s someone hurting and in need. That is what makes him so special. Not only has he made me believe in love, but he’s also rekindling my faith in humanity. He’s just so… good.

Liam: Phineas has this air of sophistication and experience about him that I could never aspire to. He’s way out of my league. But he has me completely wrapped around his finger.
I haven’t dated a lot, mostly because of my own awkwardness about the whole religious thing. Looking for a boyfriend in seminary seemed hopeless, and once I became a pastor, that made me undateable to a lot of the gay community. I’m attracted to him, that much is plain as day, but it’s more than that. It’s the way he looks at me, the way he jumps to help me whenever he’s got the chance. That’s not something I’ve ever really had before. And it’s something I really need now that I’m juggling not only my ministry and my mother, but also a huge, new life-change that has fallen into my lap just in time for Christmas.
I need a man I can count on, who loves me. Could Phineas Molleni be the answer to my prayers?

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