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Stocking Stuffer by Ali Piedmont – Free eBooks Download


This Santa’s got a big package…and an even bigger secret.

People in this small town call me many things: Principal Ethan Stone. Veteran Navy SEAL. A bad-ass you don’t want to f*ck with.
They don’t call me Sir, unless they’re playing the part of my sub at The Castle, the exclusive adults-only club I own…but that’s my other, secret life.

As a well-respected local principal, I never mix business with pleasure. Then she comes to work for me: Holly Sweet, my school’s new librarian. She’s curvy, sugary-sweet, and can’t look at me without blushing as red as a candy-cane.
She’s naturally submissive but too f*cking innocent.

There are a lot of things I’ll do to a woman, but I won’t corrupt a good girl. Not even when she begs me to fill in as Santa for the damned Winter Festival. Not even when she’s a blushing so adorably in an elf costume three sizes too small.
Not even when she accidentally tumbles right onto my lap and lands on Santa’s big f*cking package.

One touch of that sweet, curvy bottom and I realize, I’m about to unwrap the only thing I want this Christmas:

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