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stepbrother summer, olivia t turner

Stepbrother Summer (Filthy Dirty Summer) by Olivia T. Turner – Free eBooks Download


Summer in The Hamptons?
Yes, please!
Hold on.
There’s one catch…
My new stepmother is coming and she’s bringing my new stepbrother along.
He’s the worst.
Ollie is NOT the boy next door type (unless you live in prison).
He’s got the filthiest mouth you’ve ever heard and all of that dirty-talking is directed at me.
This guy is obsessed with making me blush.
Nothing is off limits to him.
Not my personal bathroom, not my bedroom, not even my underwear drawer.
He does what he wants and what he wants is me.
Too bad for him.
I’m not interested.
Definitely not.
I don’t care that his deep rumbling voice gives me shivers.
I don’t care that my eyes always dart to him whenever he takes off his shirt (which is always).
I don’t care how many naughty dreams I have (a lot).
We’re family now.
And I’m not interested.
I’ll say it over and over again until my body believes it.
I’m not interested.
I’m not interested.
I’m not interested.
(Yes, I am)

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