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Elaine “Vandy” Vanderbilt was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Her business was under investigation and her was marriage falling apart, and all of it was headline news. Her business woes and marital difficulties were the subject of every network, cable news channel and talk show. An extended break in a secluded area of Montana area had been just the right therapy for her—that is, until four assassins showed up and tried to kill her.

Sam “Cowboy” Steele, a retired Ranger who had been badly injured during a mission in Iraq, had been assigned by the Brotherhood Protectors to watch over Vandy from a distance without her knowledge. He arrived just in time to foil the attempt on her life, but she had been injured and rendered unconscious during the rescue.

With a record-setting snow storm cutting off communication to the outside world, Vandy wakes up in Sam’s cabin, cut off from the outside world. She is in pain, confused and disoriented, nearly as afraid of Sam as she was of the assassins.

Sam Steele must nurse Vandy back to health, earn her trust and prepare for the return of the assassins who would be looking to finish the job they started.

As Sam and Vandy get to know each other, a bond begins to form and they attempt to solve the ultimate riddle. Who was trying to kill her and why? When the assassins finally return, Sam is faced with only one choice—he must sacrifice himself to save Vandy.

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