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stay with me, blue saffire

Stay with Me (Moran Brothers) by Blue Saffire – Free eBooks Download


***Warning: This title is a re-release of Blue’s website exclusive Stay With Me. It’s been totally rewritten with over 130 pages of new content.***

Stay With Me
Award winning, Bestselling, Author Blue Saffire presents
Stay With Me

Our greatest fears can cripple us. They can strip us of life, happiness and worst of all love. I’ve allowed her fears to keep us apart for years. Partly because I understand their root. She has a right to them. But now, I have my own fear. The fear of losing her and never living the life I’ve come to want so badly.

He’s my sister’s husband’s brother. That’s right, Bishop Love Moran’s little brother. That’s the excuse I’ve used to keep him at a distance for the past two years. Well, for the last year he hasn’t been around and I haven’t had to lie to him or myself. Now, here he is when I’ve decided that I want to find love and someone to share my life with. But that can’t be him, right?

My life is changing. I want Rem to be a part of that.
His life is too dangerous. I want security.
Will her fears tear us apart or will my life prove her right and keep her from me forever.

*This a Novel in The Moran Brothers Series a spinoff from the bestselling series Lost Souls MC that introduced King, Brick, and Gutter. While you can read this book as a standalone, it will enhance the read to Blue’s books in the provided book order. Blue Saffire’s books are written to weave, loop, and intertwine with one another. You will find that the series build together for a greater experience.

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