Start With A Slap by Sirena Wise (ePUB)

start with slap, sirena wise

Start With A Slap (SLAP/BANG #1) by Sirena Wise – Free eBooks Download


“Month from now, you’ll be waking up in my bed. Might even be smiling.”

Newlywed Ivy Tyler is on a mission to bridge the rift between her husband and the man who raised him, notorious billionaire Sever Mark. But when she arrives at his mansion unannounced, he confuses her for a scheduled playmate—and before she can stop him, major boundaries are crossed.
What happens next sets her down a dangerous path: He’s awakened, and she has a secret to keep.
Now, he wants her for himself, and he won’t be satisfied until she’s willingly in his bed. Ivy is far from willing: she loves her husband, she’s not a cheater, and she hates everything Sever stands for.
There’s just one problem: their chemistry is volcanic. To him, it’s only a matter of time. To her, it’s a doomsday clock.
Can she stop the clock—and herself—before it’s too late? The countdown is on.

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