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Stargazer (The Gray Knights #2) by J.A. Jude – Free eBooks Download


One was the sun and the other was the moon.
Now how on earth was a girl meant to pick?

I came back to Saint Claire—back to my old life and the wolf shifters that had been like family to me until that fateful night—to make amends and offer my aid against the rogues that were terrorising their pack.
I never expected the charming and impervious Knight Captain to come for me. The one who I had a fling with at the academy. Who taught me how to be a hunter and helped me find myself.
But he did.
Leaving me with a choice between the wolf, who had once been my whole world, and the Knight, who changed my world.
Having two boys fighting for you wasn’t as glamorous as everyone made it out to be.
I’m the bridge between their two worlds. A Knight and an advocate for the wolves.
It’s in my blood.
So how could I possibly choose between them with a treaty so precarious and a host of enemies at our backdoor?
Now all I can do is look to the stars for answers, hoping that they’ll give me guidance because this is the biggest decision I’ve ever had to make.
And making decisions was never my strong suit.

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