Stand and Defend by Sloane St. James (ePUB)

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Stand and Defend (Lakes Hockey #4) by Sloane St. James – Free eBooks Download


I live my life head over heart and never rock the boat. Which is how I wound up engaged to Bryan Davenport—the biggest mistake I ever made. We were a power couple, but no one knew how cruel he could be behind closed doors. When I decide to leave, my fiancé shows just how ruthless he can be and sends me running to the last person I expected: his best man.
Camden Teller is a cocky, selfish, womanizing, daredevil—and my new favorite person. Who knew a bad boy would be such a good influence? For the first time, I’m breaking rules and living unapologetically. Our unexpected camaraderie quickly morphs into a no-strings arrangement, which I don’t mind, because even though he’s become my closest friend, he’ll never be my type.

I may be the new Minnesota Lakes hockey captain, but I’ll always be Banksy on the ice. Over my career, I’ve been in countless fights, being protective is part of my nature, so when the beautiful Jordana Landry shows up with nowhere to go, I don’t hesitate. Unfortunately, she’s also sophisticated, polite, and educated, which would be fine, except I’ve got a corruption kink.
The more we hangout, the closer we get—and the harder it is to resist each other. Until we stop resisting. I never sleep with the same woman twice, but once with her will never be enough. However, it’s not long before I realize she’s not as innocent as she lets on. Jordan says I’m not her type… but she’s exactly mine.

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