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Stalker (The Luna #5) by Letty Frame – Free eBooks Download


Healing is important to help you overcome grief. But it’s impossible to heal when there’s still a fight for survival.

Lottie and her men went through a terrible ordeal, but they’re desperate to not let it tear them apart. Between Warren’s newfound powers, River’s lack of wolf, and Theo’s refusal to complete his bond with Lottie, things are tenuous at best. But how can they repair their relationship when everything else is falling apart around them?
Finding Razor has brought about answers to problems they didn’t even realise they had, but it’s still brought a lot more questions too. Like where has he been all this time and why does he act like he has two different personalities? And if he truly is here to help with their stalker issue, why is he so obsessed with Lottie and her family?
With Lottie’s formal introduction to the Council coinciding with a heist, two extremely old and risky rituals to complete, and most importantly, a stalker to be found and neutralised… will Lottie and her men resolve their issues without losing anyone else? Or will they have to call it quits, and have their bonds destroyed to keep their pack, and Luna, safe?

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