Stalked By the Officer by Emma Bray (ePUB)

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Stalked by the Officer (Stalking A–Z) by Emma Bray – Free eBooks Download


In the gritty streets of the city, where crime lurks around every corner, I thought I had seen it all. But then she came into my life. I catch her shoplifting, but she steals more than just some tawdry merchandise.

She steals my heart, mind and sanity.
As a seasoned cop, I know better than to get involved. She’s trouble personified, a rebel with a cause, and I’m supposed to be the one upholding the law, not breaking it.
But from the moment I catch her stealing, something shifts inside me. Beneath her tough exterior, I see a vulnerability that calls to me, a wounded soul yearning for redemption.
And heaven help me, but I’m obsessed.
So much so that I become criminal myself.
I stalk her.

Obsessive, possessive and over the top, these men will do anything to get the women they love. But their love is all-consuming and knows no boundaries—so much so that they become stalkers.
Forget sugar and spice and everything nice. These stalkers will show you how it’s done, from A to Z!

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