Stalked By the Accountant by Emma Bray (ePUB)

stalked accountant, emma bray

Stalked by the Accountant (Stalking A–Z) by Emma Bray – Free eBooks Download


Jack is obsessed with Becca. His world might consist of numbers, but the only number he really cares about is the one the beautiful brunette who works in the same building as him wears.
He follows her every move, learning her daily routine inside and out. His infatuation consumes him entirely, and he knows he would do anything to make her his.
He just can’t let her find out about his obsessive behavior.
Obsessive, possessive and over the top, these men will do anything to get the women they love. But their love is all-consuming and knows no boundaries—so much so that they become stalkers.
Forget sugar and spice and everything nice. These stalkers will show you how it’s done, from A to Z!

If you love obsessive, possessive, stalker age gap romances featuring billionaires, doctors, nerds, athletes and more, then Stalking A–Z is for you! Fast-paced and full of steam, HEA guaranteed!

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