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Squeal: The Squeakquel (Squeakverse #2) by Vera Valentine – Free eBooks Download


When last we left our intrepid semi-inflatable heroes, they were safely ensconced in the nest of their omega tulpamancer mate. Poppy had just defended her claim by flexing her newfound powers against an old, abusive rival, and won much-deserved freedom for her deliciously elastic alphas.
What goes up, however, must go down.
One of the first rules of carnival magic is that things are never really as they seem, and our amorous trio is about to get the wind taken out of their sails. As Keane grows uneasy at just how easily he’d won his freedom, Seb and Poppy encourage him to relax and embrace their new life together. What they don’t know is that Keane isn’t the only one watching, and their happily ever after might take a few more chapters to find.
Is there room in the nest for someone else? They’d certainly have big shoes to fill.
….or maybe it’s the other way around?


Squeal is a polyamorous (m+m+m+f) balloon animal shifter omegaverse novella with (artistic takes on) OV designations and omegaverse-specific concepts like knotting, heats, ruts, nests, mate bites, bondings, and more. There is discussion of past violence and s*xual compulsion/sl*very, beatings, clowns, and other potentially sensitive topics. A full list will be provided in the beginning of the completed book, if any additional concerns are added in before publication. Finally, while MM relationships do not need a warning, consider this your heads up that the male characters are together, as they often are in my books – this story is polyamorous / polyam and acknowledges full, nuanced romantic relationships between all parties. If I’ve missed mentioning any content considerations you feel should be in this list, please let me know! The safety and comfort of my readers always takes precedence.

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