Spells In The Summertime by Auryn Hadley (ePUB)

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Spells In The Summertime (Where The Wild Things Grow #2) by Auryn Hadley – Free eBooks Download


Forest trails, cactus flails, and little skunk tails, that’s where I get my magic…
“Surprise, you’re a witch.” That’s not exactly what I expected when I inherited a cozy little cottage in the woods. Nor to have a cactus as my new door guard or a skunk as my familiar! Still, this whole magic thing is growing on me.
The pair of hot boyfriends certainly helps make it easier to accept the insanity. But after dealing a serious blow to the coven of wixen who planned to enslave me, I’m kinda screwed. I may have won that battle, but I learned I do not know enough to stop the upcoming war – and a skunk can only teach me so much.
What I need is a little help here! Yet when it’s offered by the bad boy of the coven, I’m not sure I can trust it. Never mind that he’s my boyfriend’s ex! Things are starting to get complicated, and I still can’t find the lost wild things. If those die, magic will be lost forever!
How can I save them if I don’t even know where they’re being held? Worse, how can I do this? I still don’t know what I’m doing! Or maybe I should just let magic die? That might be the only way to end this once and for all.

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