Sparrow’s Sins by Aster North (ePUB)

sparrow's sins, aster north

Sparrow’s Sins by Aster North – Free eBooks Download


Monsters don’t hid under the bed. They sit beside you and smile.

My life was okay. I marched along just fine, always staying ahead of my nightmare. Until it all blew up in my face, that is. Being a succubus sucks. It’s like the whole universe hates us.
My job at the local strip club ended with a bang…and chains. When my personal devil finds me, I’m given to five infamous monsters who are supposed to keep me safe. But safety isn’t the only thing I need, and they may end up killing me before my nightmare finds me.
While they keep me trapped inside a bedroom, the evil that stalks me keeps searching. And if he finds me, he’ll make this bedroom look like a palace. I’ll be nothing more than a broken plaything forever.
As two groups of monsters play tug-of-war with my life, I’ll have to scheme, pry open secrets, and fight to survive. I think they’ve all forgotten I’m a monster, too.

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