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soothed doctor, vonne b

Soothed by the Doctor (All the Jingle Ladies) by Vonne B – Free eBooks Download


She doesn’t have time for games, especially with a playboy like him. He’s young, cocky, and used to playing the field but he see what he wants and it’s her. With his heart in his hand, he’s asking her to trust that what they have is real. Will she let him in or will she show him door?

Do I believe in love at first sight? Yes. But it’s not for me and certainly not with CJ.
I love my job as Customer Relations Manager at Coldwater Cabin Resorts, ensuring that all our guests have the vacation of their dreams is what I excel at.
But there’s one who’s making my job and life difficult – CJ Jacobs.
He’s got it in his head that I belong to him and it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.
He’s only here temporarily and I’m not into flings. Plus, he’s way too young for me.
But then I discover his visit is anything but temporary. Not only is he our town’s new vet but he plans on staying here for good.
Now my lips and hands keep winding up places they shouldn’t be and I’m having a hard time remembering why any of this is wrong.

Do I believe in love at first sight? No. But I do believe in my gut and it’s screaming that Velma is the one.
This move to Coldwater Ridge was supposed to be temporary. A year or two max so I could get the hands-on training I needed to open my own large animal veterinary office.
All that changed when I met Velma. One look at her and tossing aside my playboy ways and planning on a future in this small mountain town.
There’s only one roadblock in my way and it’s the woman herself.
Velma’s not on the same page. She thinks I’m too young and nothing but a bed warmer.
But I never give up and definitely not this time.
Determination has always been my strongest trait and I will use every ounce I have to show Velma that we’re meant to be together.

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