Sonata of the Sword by Niki Trento (ePUB)

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Sonata of the Sword (The Blade’s Opus #2) by Niki Trento – Free eBooks Download


When the Underworld cries out for help…Styx picks up her sword.
There is a traitor in their midst, someone who set the ball rolling in an attempt to take the throne from Hades. Styx has a damn good idea who the traitor is, but she and Kyon need proof before throwing accusations around.
For the master plan to work, Styx and Kyon have to venture into one of the forbidden places—the Elysian Fields. Hades laid down the law on that one, and there is no getting around it. But in this case, it might be better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Their necks are on the line now, too. And they need Charon’s help to do it—only, he’s nowhere to be found.
However, nothing goes as they plan. Starting with a great change, a new friend, and more questions than they have answers for.
Will Styx find Charon? Will she and Kyon become traitors themselves? And above all, will the Underworld be saved?

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