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Somewhere In Between (Turn it Up #7) by Natalie Parker – Free eBooks Download


As the withdrawn, unsocial rhythm guitarist for one of the country’s hottest rock bands, my role in this world is like second nature. I’m not much of a people person, thanks to my upbringing, and have zero trust in those who try to get close.
I play hard, both on and off stage, and with the exception of my bandmates, I have no interest in making connections, women included.
So I use my sparkling personality to maintain my broody image while shredding my guitar on stage, and keep people at a safe distance.
Avoiding our new assistant on this tour should be a no-brainer. She’s everything I should want to push away :
Beautiful, smart, driven… and way too damn young.
She’s even doing me a favor, ignoring me, content to leave me to my broody stewing… and it’s driving me out of my mind.

All I’ve ever wanted to do is work in the music business, to learn the ropes from the ground up and be a band manager someday.
So when the chance to intern on a rock tour for one of the most acclaimed bands in the country, I jump on it, determined to give it my all and not let anything get in the way of proving myself – including the band’s handsome but aloof guitarist.
His snarky attitude and god-like physique are proving to be a harder challenge than I thought, however, but not nearly as much as the way he looks at me. While I’m determined not to be the cliché assistant that falls for her rock star boss, it’s near impossible not to crave his yearning and possessive gaze. The way he makes me feel like so much of both a woman and a girl is addictive, and I’m in danger of losing sight of what I came here to do.
If anyone finds out about us, I could lose my chance at a future in the music industry.
If I fall for him, I could lose myself.

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