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something borrowed, dee ellis

Something Borrowed (The Wedding Party) by Dee Ellis – Free eBooks Download


Lawson Bellows
Weddings ought to be a time for celebration. Going to my best mate’s wedding should be a good time. I meet a woman on the plane who is going to the same wedding and I’m glad. Because I am not ready to let her get away from me. I might not know much about love, but whatever we have going on feels like something close to it.

Lark Stokes
Seeing my son so in love makes me happier than I have been in a long time. We had a rough go at things after we lost his father, but I did my best on my own. I did something right because the wedding party is full of people who adore my son. I met a member of the party on the plane, but I had no idea he was one of my son’s groomsmen. If I had known that I never would have gone back to his hotel with him.

It might be my son’s wedding, but if I borrow his friend for a while, he won’t mind, will he?

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