Soldier of Death by Ajme Williams (ePUB)

soldier of death, ajme williams

Soldier of Death (Shadows of Redemption #1) by Ajme Williams – Free eBooks Download


What’s my last resort to getting out of an arranged marriage?
Selling my V-card to the highest bidder…
Who freaking knocks me up.
Throw in a kidnapping and you’ll understand the mess I’m in.

Don Niko Leone paid $100,000 to own me for the first time. And I succumbed, telling myself it was only to escape my gilded cage, but knowing deep down the chemistry between us was unmatched.
But when I find out I’ve ended up pregnant (with twins) after our illicit encounter and my dad finds the cash, I’m forced to marry Niko’s enemy… until Niko himself shows up at the wedding.
And kidnaps me.
Even though I know I’m just a pawn in his game, handsome and authoritative Niko is damn hard to resist. And when I’m faced with the ultimate choice to stay or run…
I know both could lead to my death… or the sweetest darkness of all.

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