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soaring, claire cullen

Soaring (Wolf Born #2) by Claire Cullen – Free eBooks Download


Love doesn’t always start with the heart. Sometimes, it starts with a child.

Struggling with the loss of his pack and his wolf, Dominic leaves the safety of Eden to help rescue others like him. With no family left, it feels like there’s no place for him in the world. Until he finds Adriel, a young man with whom Dominic shares a deep and shocking connection.
Wings alone aren’t enough for him to soar.
Adriel has known walls and chains for so long, they almost seem like home to him. But then the most precious things in his life are taken—his baby boys. He has no hope of ever finding them again, until Dominic.
“They took them. They took our babies.”
Scrambling to get his head around the fact that he’s somehow a father, Dominic sets off to rescue his and Adriel’s cubs. Along the way, he tries to show Adriel that there is more to life than the loneliness he’s known. Falling in love was never the plan, but when danger pushes them closer, he knows what they have is something worth fighting for.

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