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so not boss crush, evie sterling

So Not My Boss Crush (My Not So Fairytale) by Evie Sterling – Free eBooks Download


For six years, Brock Benson was the monster I worked for.
The gorgeous monster—who never even said hello.

Then, one Monday morning, everything changed.
When Brock’s assistant quit in tears and chucked her phone in my waste bin, I had no choice but to answer it. Brock approved, and gave me a promotion I didn’t even want…
Now I’m stuck fielding calls from his desperate ex. Managing his hectic schedule. Even taking care of the two adorable Golden Retrievers his sister ditched at his house. I’m totally intertwined with Brock’s life and—yikes—it’s not terrible. In fact, it’s fun. I like getting late-night texts from him, meeting his family, and running errands at his house.
When he gives me a house key, my heart skips a beat. Our texts are getting more flirty by the business day. And, yes, our usual morning routine has been replaced by stolen kisses in the break room.
But Brock is a total player, while I barely date. He’s go-go-go, and I like to stop and smell the roses. He’s an impeccably dressed millionaire with crazy high standards, and I wear mismatched socks, forget to eat breakfast, and tend to set the bar low.

Crushing on my boss is bad enough. Falling in love with him is completely out of the question. But my heart does somersaults every time he smiles at me, and our chemistry is off the charts. This relationship should come with one of those coffee-cup warnings: ‘CAUTION: CONTENTS HOT.’ We have to cool it off, or else one of us will get burned…

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