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so below, julie mannino

So Below (The Fallen #2) by Julie Mannino – Free eBooks Download


Riley was his, and he better remember that even if he was currently in an angel’s bed and shouting someone else’s name.
The image made Eren see red.

While healing from Eren’s betrayal, the first nephalem in centuries will have to learn to feed, do magic, and navigate a different way of life. His new ability to pull others into his lucid dreams and view the past is powerful, but it might not be enough to save him as the war continues and the demon’s victory approaches.
Riley and Eren might have been together once in a different life, but with Eren’s toxic personality and obsession in this one, there’s no hope for anything between them. A nephalem has no place with the demons, but when Riley discovers the angel’s dark secrets, he might not have a place with them either.

He knows what true foulness is. The first of his line, known as Grandfather, still lives, and he only sees Eren as something to feed from and use. Refusal brings punishment, and Grandfather knows Eren’s worst fears.
Grandfather want’s Riley for his ability, and Eren can’t disobey the one who’s been pulling the strings since before he was born. Finding Riley is an easy promise to keep. Protecting him is another, and it may cost his life.

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