Sneaky Kisses by Mayra Statham (ePUB)

sneaky kisses, mayra statham

Sneaky Kisses (The Martinez Brothers #3) by Mayra Statham – Free eBooks Download


I’m the responsible brother.
The one who stepped up and made sure our family was okay after my dad passed away. I was a cocky bastard who thought he knew better and was wrong. So damn wrong. Because of that, I decided love wasn’t in the cards for me. Not when I had been responsible for my youngest brother’s heartache.
But my sweet curvy assistant has me re-thinking that. When it comes to Soria Gomez, I can’t seem to stay away. Making her work longer hours, attached at my hip, all of it to sneak in just that little more time with her.
I don’t deserve love, and I certainly don’t deserve her. But I want her. I want her the way men who wrote epic love stories and sonnets loved their women. When my self-control breaks and the beast inside of me has a taste of her lips, I can no longer live without touching her, without making my intentions clear.
She’s mine.
She just doesn’t know it yet.

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