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Snapshot (Emerson University #1) by KB Row – Free eBooks Download


“The moment this snapshot was taken, our fates were set.”

The moment Reese Larson entered my life, everything shifted. From the boy next door, to my brother’s best friend, he was always just… there, and it didn’t take long for my young heart to fall for him.
Until one night that should have never happened shatters everything. By morning, he was gone, and he took my heart with him.
When he pops back into my life, the gravitational pull from when we were kids kicks into overdrive. I’m just not sure I’m ready to move past the hurt.
The thing about fate, though? There’s no changing it. You can delay it, but eventually, it’s going to catch up to you.

There are two things in life I’m sure of: hockey is the best sport, and Winnie Lewis is my girl. I fucked one of those up, and it wasn’t hockey.
I was an idiot and have regretted the way I left ever since. Letting her go once was a mistake that I don’t plan to make again. No matter how bad she wants to pretend she can ignore the invisible line between us.
She thinks she can fight fate, and I’d be lying if I didn’t enjoy seeing her try.
But I’m done with the games. I want my girl.
Winnie Lewis may have stolen my first kiss, but I plan to rob her of much more than that. A kiss will never be enough—I want her heart.

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