Smoke’s Flame by Aria Ray (ePUB)

smoke's flame, aria ray

Smoke’s Flame (Savage Legion MC #5) by Aria Ray – Free eBooks Download


She’s forbidden fruit – too young, too classy, too guarded by her brother, our club prez. And now, I’m her boss too.
My heart’s been hooked on Serena since she was a shy teen. But as the club princess, she was off-limits.
Thought I could shake her off when she left for college. But now she’s back, a confident hotshot-lawyer, even more stunning. And my old crush on her ignites anew.
She ain’t got a clue how I feel. And she never will, cos her bro Siege runs the club now. He trusts me to hire her into my law firm, and I won’t cross him by making moves on her. Or mess with my employee.
This setup’s torture – one look, one touch, and I’m about to combust. Worst part? I think she’s teasing me. God, give me more backbone.
When I find out her ex is a stalker she hid from the club, I’m raging, switching into full-on protector mode. I’ll keep her safe, whether she’s into it or not.
But when I hunt down the beast who’s after her, can I keep my own demons on a leash, the ones she’s rattled loose?

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