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Smoke After Hours (Four20 Bae) by Sherelle Green – Free eBooks Download


Smoke After Hours is a scorching tale of foreplay, friendship, and the irresistible high of love. It’s not about what happens during the day. It’s what goes down after hours when you think no one is watching.
Bentley Blackwood and Volley Paul have danced on the edge of desire for what feels like an eternity. As the dynamic duo behind the largest growing cannabis delivery service, they are ready to excel to the next level for their biggest delivery yet. A massive underground smoke hop.
But Volley has something else on his agenda. Bentley’s fiery spirit and sexy allure has always teased the boundaries of his self-control. He’s kept her close, guarding her fiercely from the dangers of the business. But beneath their playful banter and lingering glances lies a hunger that cannot be denied. And when Volley decides to pursue his best friend and roommate, delving deeper into the depths of their pleasure comes with its own set of intoxicating challenges threatening to consume them.

Four20 Bae … When couples burn together from one end to the other. Make sure you check out all the stories in this multi-author series.

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