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Small Town Single Dad (Single Dad Billionaires #4) by Mia Mara – Free eBooks Download


He arrived, and our small town suddenly got tiny. And my troubles? Huge.
First, I totally embarrass myself in front of my worst enemy.
How was I supposed to know the hot stranger at table 12 was him?
Owner of the giant hotel next door, plotting to buy my restaurant.
Trust me, you don’t want the details, but let’s just say I threw “billionaire from hell” into the argument.
Then, at our town’s nightclub, when I nearly trip and fall into his arms on the dance floor, I let him sweet talk me into giving his teenage daughter a job.
I wish I could blame it on the shots.
But I have to admit he’s insanely tall, broad shouldered and has f-me eyes I know better than to look into.
So then why did I even accept to go out on a date with him the very next day?
I told myself it would be just one drink.
One. Platonic. Drink.
To talk business.
But after his relentless alpha offensive, I nearly invited him in for a “nightcap”.
Luckily, I slammed the door in his face instead.
So before he finally breaks down my defenses, I have to stop it here.
I know his seducing me is all just a ploy.
But why do I desperately want it to be real?
I just have to keep hating him.
Because this town is too small for the both of us.
And I’m the one who’s staying…

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