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Slippery When Wet by Morticia Knight – Free eBooks Download


Ellery has disappointed half the Doms in New York and age play is his last resort. However, if he fails as a baby boy, Ellery is terrified he’ll end up all alone.
Ellery isn’t vanilla, but he can’t seem to discover what trips his kink trigger. When he goes Daddy shopping on age play night at a Manhattan BDSM club, he spies a handsome silver fox. However, before Ellery can make a move, his friend warns him away from the mysterious Daddy.
After Calvin’s boy dumped him, he resolved not to bring potential subs to his home anymore. Better he find out whether he clicks with someone first by confining his boy hunt to clubs. When Calvin notices a sweet young thing he’s never seen at age play night, he wonders if the man is there on a lark or if he might be ‘the one’.
Ellery never had the chance to meet his dream Daddy, but fate intervenes in the most spectacular of ways. Still, the question remains: will age play be the answer to his kink dilemma? And will Ellery allow Calvin to fulfill his most secret fantasy?

Note: An earlier version of Slippery When Wet first appeared in the Dirty Daddies Pride 2021 Anthology, however, this edition has been significantly expanded.

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