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skye, jesse jacobson

Skye (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) by Jesse Jacobson – Free eBooks Download


Skye Knight is a brilliant and beautiful paralegal, known for her sharp mind, detailed powers of observation and for exercising extreme caution when it comes to men. One evening, during the approach of a hurricane, a different kind of storm turns her life upside down. She is attacked in her own home by a crime lord who is seeking a rare gem, believed to have last been in the possession of Skye’s now-deceased father. The attackers inform her they have also abducted her sister-in-law and niece. They demand that she find and return the gem to them within three days, and threaten to kill her family at the first sign of her contacting the authorities for help. With no one else to turn to, Skye seeks out a stranger she’d met by chance the evening before, a former Navy SEAL, now-jobless and down on his luck, to help her to find the gem and figure a way to save her niece and sister-in-law. And their adventure begins.

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