Skating On Thin Ice by Charlotte McGinlay (ePUB)

skating on thin ice, charlotte mcginlay

Skating On Thin Ice by Charlotte McGinlay – Free eBooks Download


I live and breathe the ice.
It’s embedded in my dark, black soul.
Going pro is my only goal before taking over the family business for my father.
My life is all planned out.
I don’t have room for anything or anyone else.
Until I bump into her.
She sets a fire within me that I want to burn out.
I only have my goal in mind and don’t do relationships.
I have a few women on speed dial, but that’s it.
Yet she’s all I seem to think about.
She’s overtaken my world.
But I can’t have her.
I can’t drag her into my darkness.
I need to focus on my career and my future; she deserves better than me.
Yet, I can’t let her go.
I need her, and damn straight, I will ensure she needs me too.

Life hasn’t been easy.
My mother is a drunk, my father’s gone, and my sister, well, I’d prefer to say I’m an only child.
I’m working two jobs just to get through college.
I keep my head down, counting the days until I leave this town.
But then I bump into him.
And I became his target while he had women dangling off his arm.
I try to stay in the shadows out of his way, but then I’m placed with his team.
He’s everywhere, and I have nowhere to hide.
I become all he sees; I become his obsession.
Ensuring he becomes mine.
But then he hurts me, and I see his true colors.
I freeze him out, unwilling to lose myself more than I already have.
But he’s not willing to let go.
To give up.
He’s proving he’d do anything to fight for me.
Even kill.
But can I put my heart back out there?

This is a Standalone with a HEA. Due to mature content and themes, this book is recommended for readers aged 18+; this novel may contain triggers.

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