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Skates & Stones (The Crestwood Elite Hockey Academy #1) by Heather C. Myers, Frankie Cardona – Free eBooks Download


His family’s legacy was ruined because of her grandfather. Now, he intends to punish her for it.

I wasn’t supposed to be drafted number 1.
Hell, being my father’s son, I don’t think people expected me to be drafted at all.
But I put in the work, and I did what my father could never do: build a legacy I could be proud of.
I could head straight for the pros. In fact, my mom pushes me to. She says we need the money.
But I decide to defer and attend Crestwood Academy, an elite university with a focus on hockey development.
Not because I want to get better.
Not because I care about developing.
But because I know she is going to be there.
And it starts with her.
The untouched princess, heiress to the Detroit Serpents.
They think I’ve worked all my life to play professional hockey.
They were wrong.
The only thing I want more than a professional contract is to make Minka Mathers suffer in ways she never imagined.

The last thing I expect to inherit from my grandfather is a professional hockey team.
Because no one thinks someone like me can actually run a professional hockey team.
As the youngest granddaughter to the Mathers legacy, I’ve been told what to do, where to go, what to do with my life, and who to marry.
I don’t get a choice in any of it.
After my grandfather dies, there’s no reason to play by his rules anymore.
Sure, I’ll go to Crestwood and get my Business degree. I’ll take ownership of the team when I graduate.
But that’s where I draw the line.
Breaking off my engagement is the first thing I do with my new-found freedom.
And honestly?
It feels good.

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