Siren’s Blood by Stephanie Mirro (ePUB)

siren's blood, stephanie mirro

Siren’s Blood (Wild Magic: Siren’s Secret #1) by Stephanie Mirro – Free eBooks Download


A runaway siren princess.
A billionaire bad-boy dragon shifter.
A supernatural fighting ring that will cost one of them everything…

As a siren princess, scrubbing toilets to earn a living hadn’t been on my life’s to-do list. Joke’s on me, though. I don’t actually earn a living. I just get to live in the gym’s basement rent-free.
That’s what I get for swimming away from home a decade ago, dragging my little sister with me. But what else was I supposed to do? Allow our father to marry us off to some snobby sea princes?
Over my dead body.
The gym is also home to a supernatural fighting ring. It’s outlawed, dangerous, and very sexy. I mean sweaty. Very sweaty. Joining in, I could make a name for myself and provide a better life for my sister. But doing so will let our father know exactly where we are.
Except when the owner’s debts come calling, I may not have a choice anymore. Fighting may be the only way I can afford to keep us safe. Because I’ll be damned before I accept any charity from the deliciously tempting, bad boy dragon shifter trying to woo me.

I’ll do anything to keep my sister free, even if it means over my dead body…
For real.

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