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Sing to My Heart (Chaos #2) by K.R. Reese – Free eBooks Download


Her life was a façade. The biggest lie she’s ever told.
Carissa had the life anybody would dream of. She had family, friends, and her dream job. But it wasn’t enough. It would never be enough. Her armor begins to crack from one smile. One look that sends her thoughts to forever.
He had everything. Until his biggest secret threatens to take it all away.
Bryce was the front man. He was the life of the party, on and off the stage, and his bandmates followed. But being thrust into unexpected fatherhood puts perspective on a lot of his life. Chaos had always been his dream. Life had a funny way of making him want things he couldn’t have.
A single rockstar father trying to cope with changes. A woman who had never let herself want anything more.
Everything in Carissa’s life crashes down around her. But it opens an opportunity she can’t resist. Growing closer to the lead singer of a rock band was a side perk. Their hidden glances, small smirks, and late-night talks were irresistible. But Carissa has to tread carefully or risk her heart being broken. There’s others to think about aside from them.
Bryce believed he could handle anything that became a problem. His obligations to the band and his daughter were intertwined, and he didn’t know how to handle it. His nonexistent love-life and proximity to the one woman who could tilt the axis of his life was impossible to ignore. But it wasn’t just him anymore, and he wouldn’t trust someone so easily again.
One chance. One choice.
It could all go up in flames.

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