Simon Says… Swim by Dale Mayer (ePUB)

simon says swim, dale mayer

Simon Says… Swim (Kate Morgan Thrillers #8) by Dale Mayer – Free eBooks Download


Detective Kate Morgan is stumped, trying to decide when a case is really a case and when it belongs on her desk or someone else’s. She’s homicide and this? … This is something else, right? Following up the leads doesn’t help, only confuses the issue—until someone slips up or slips away literally.
Simon wakes, choking on water, drowning in the darkness of his night, struggling to understand what madness he is connecting to now. As usual, he has few answers, and the ones he does find make no sense. Add in a young man in desperate need of assistance—yet hiding something—has Simon caught up trying to help someone, who maybe doesn’t want help in the first place.

As Kate works her way through the details of multiple cases—or not cases—the realization is worse than anyone had realized.

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