Silly Pucking Mistakes by Lina George (ePUB)

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Silly Pucking Mistakes (Hunks Who Puck #2) by Lina George – Free eBooks Download


Jared Pullman is the Somerset Seagulls’ newest benchwarmer. Granted, he’s doing anything and everything he can to change that, but so far he just can’t find his footing on the ice. Adjusting to college in the Big Apple is no easy feat for Jared, and it doesn’t help that he comes home to an empty dorm room every night. It’s isolating, and that’s the last thing Jared needs right now.
Ramona Ruiz isn’t just new in town—she’s new to the country. Attending Somerset University is a big deal for her, and most importantly, it’s her chance to write a new story for her loved ones back home. So when she ends up assigned to Jared’s dorm room, these two New York City transplants should be fast friends, right?
Jared gets busted having a ~private moment~ after practice, which starts his relationship with Ramona off on the wrong foot. And considering he’s already struggling with his footing on the ice, Jared doesn’t need anymore obstacles in his way. He just needs campus administration to fix their mistake and give him a new roommate. Ideally, a guy. And quick.
But when a late-night mishap results in Jared and Ramona being locked into their dorm together, the Universe shows that it has other plans. It turns out these New York City newcomers might be a perfect pairing after all.

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