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Silas (Littlecreek Ranch #5) by Lucky Moon – Free eBooks Download


The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward…

There’s nothing Silas Maguire loves more than the thrill of a big gamble. He lives for danger, for adrenaline, and for scraping through by the skin of his teeth. His life is a series of bets and bluffs, but there’s one thing Silas never gambled on: falling for someone who’s his total opposite.
Enter Zoey. A Little with a past wrapped in caution tape, she’s the embodiment of everything Silas isn’t. Her life’s been a careful dance around risks, every step measured, every decision weighed. But beneath her risk-averse exterior lies a heart yearning for someone to trust, someone who can help her find the courage she’s lost.
Zoey knows that falling for Silas is dangerous, but she’s powerless to resist. And when she does submit, it feels so delicious that she never wants it to stop…
Will they bet big on an unlikely relationship, or will their difference in years – and personalities – mean that their luck runs out?

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