Shredded Soul by Charity Parkerson (ePUB)

shredded soul, charity parkerson

Shredded Soul (Damaged Devils #12) by Charity Parkerson – Free eBooks Download


There’s betrayal, and then there’s what Charon did to Paine. Paine will never let Charon forget. Sometimes murder is mercy.
They grew up in cages. Side by side. Too many nights to count, after suffering abuse to the edge of death, they nursed each other back to health. Until they were caught, and their tormentors made Charon choose: kill Paine immediately or take up the whip. There was only one choice Charon could make because he couldn’t kill the only person who’s ever loved him. Now, years later, he’s not as sure he made the right decision.
Charon was the only reason Paine lived through the nightmare dubbed the academy. That is until Charon killed him. He did, even if Charon doesn’t realize it. Paine has nothing keeping him moving but the tatters of a shredded soul and thoughts of making Charon’s life hell. Charon doesn’t get to destroy him and live a perfect life. No. They’ll suffer together until they take their final breath. Paine is determined they’ll take that together too.

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