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should have run, evey lyon

Should Have Run (The Lake Spark World #8) by Evey Lyon – Free eBooks Download


Holden is older and a single dad. And due to a favor owed from his hockey days, he’s the man I just moved in with…

The moment I walked into the office as the new interior designer for the man my dad used to coach, I knew trouble loomed. Holden is a retired hockey player who now owns a hotel. He’s also trying to balance his single-dad life. Against all better judgment, when he has a crisis with his kids, I end up moving my suitcase into his guest room due to an old favor I owe. I didn’t expect to be adding nanny to my resume, but it leads me and Holden into our own secret little world.

Where we give in, and we can’t seem to stop.

Lust takes over, and the bond between us grows stronger. Holden might be conflicted by his allegiance to his old team rules and devotion to his kids, but a glimpse of something special nearly tears him apart. Now we’re stuck at a crossroads. Because Holden is looking at me with a realization that a future for us may be too big of a jump. I see it on his face that he thinks we’re in too deep, and if he could go back in time before the lines were crossed between us, that’s probably when he should have run…

Holden and Lexi bring the feels and steam in this age-gap, forced-proximity, single-dad love story. Should Have Run is the second standalone book in the small-town Lake Spark Inn series, which is part of the Lake Spark world.

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