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Ship of Dreams (Maid and Mistress #1) by Kelsey Painter – Free eBooks Download


Sybil Chambers wanted a settled life.
She had a steady income and a roof over her head working as a lady’s maid for an earl’s daughter. It was exactly what she sought, especially after the uncertainty she faced when her parents died. She earned this coveted position while processing her loss, and she loved the work. Even if it meant putting up with Lady Iris’s cruel husband.
And she hasn’t thought about her childhood best friend, Charles Percy, in years.

Charles Percy wanted freedom.
He got it at the age of sixteen through a sailing apprenticeship, when he was finally able to leave his family farm and all of Yorkshire behind. Unfortunately, that included Sybil. After spending their entire childhood together, he didn’t want to leave her. But the pull of the sea was too strong.
After six years, he became an officer for White Star Line, sailing the greatest steam ships all over the world. Nothing could tie him down. He never expected over a decade to pass before he saw her—or his home.
When they finally see each other again, it’s on the most famous ship in history, the RMS Titanic. Can they pick up where they left off all those years ago, before the ship meets its fate?

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