Shifting Trust by Meredith Clarke (ePUB)

shifting trust, meredith clarke

Shifting Trust (Crescent City Witch #2) by Meredith Clarke – Free eBooks Download


Foretelling prophecies? Shifter packs? Vampire blood?
How did these words become a part of my life?
It wasn’t long ago they were only tales in legends I used to tell my tour groups.
The morning I wake up surrounded by the four hottest men I’ve ever known, I realize there is no going back to my old life.
They’re my mates. Yes, you read that right.
My mates.
And they’ll do anything to keep me safe and protected.
The way they look at me is enough to make me lose my mind and heart, four times over.
Only, the Crescent City pack can’t slay all the demons for me.
They need my help to take down the biggest evil in town.
I need theirs to understand my past and my destiny.
But there are other worlds that exist.
Worlds that threaten to tear me from my fated mates and sever what matters to us the most.
I won’t stop until I have the truth.
What I learn on the other side of the veil could destroy everyone I love.
I’ll fight with every last breath to hold on to the future I’ve been promised.

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