The Sheikh’s Unofficial Bodyguard by Kate Goldman (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

the sheikh's unofficial bodyguard, kate goldman, epub, pdf, mobi, download

The Sheikh’s Unofficial Bodyguard by Kate Goldman – Free eBooks Download


Despite a very awkward job interview, Emma is hired as a receptionist at Besada Oils Corporation. Sheikh Kiro Besada manages his father’s oil business in Dallas and after a few encounters with Emma, he thinks that she is odd but intriguing. One day a few men in masks ambush Kiro in a company parking lot and put him in their minivan. Emma sees this from her car, calls the police and blocks the exit so the attackers can’t get away.

Kiro realizes that Emma is not only intriguing but also brave, and she affects his heart in a way no other woman has. Emma and Kiro realize that despite their very different characters they are slowly but steadily falling in love with each other. During a trip to Kiro’s home country they face many challenges that may either split them apart or make their relationship even stronger.

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