She Needs A Little Dragon by Julia Mills (ePUB)

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She Needs A Little Dragon (The Dragons of Fate #3) by Julia Mills – Free eBooks Download


Can Dillion convince the lovely Bette Whittaker that she’s the only woman for him in time to save her life?
Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure – She Needs a Little Dragon and she needs him right now.

The Wheel of Destiny, the Thread of Life, and the Golden Shears have been highjacked. Fate’s Archenemy is cackling like a loon while threatening to snip the life out of everything. And the Moirai are chanting like there’s no tomorrow – because there might not be!
Not only does Dillion need Bette’s forgiveness, but he needs her love to save the world.
Can this Dragon turn groveling into an art form before everything they know goes up in smoke?
Will one feisty White Panther forgive the only Dragon she’s ever loved for leaving her at the altar, or will she hold onto sixteen years of hurt and anger? Will she believe his far-fetched story?
Well, there are three cranky Moirai who should have all the answers, but they’re flying blind. So, hold on tight! This one’s for all the marbles.

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