Shattered Wings by Ivy Black (ePUB)

shattered wings, ivy black

Shattered Wings (Feathers and Thorne #3) by Ivy Black, Raven Scott – Free eBooks Download


She can’t even look at me… because she knows what I turned her into.

Seeing my woman wheeled into a hospital shattered me.
The fact that she’s carrying our child means I must be in even more control.
Isabella resists me, hiding from me in the dark corners of her mind. But I’ll break down every one of her walls.
If it means breaking her walls one by one only to cage her in my prison right after… I’m ready.
Meeting Carter changed me forever. Because of him, I’m a murderer—a blood stain that will forever tarnish my reputation and haunt me in my nightmares.
I have more to think of than myself right now… like the baby in my belly.
Our child is innocent… but Carter and I are not.
Fighting to break through the haze of my feelings, I know I must protect our unborn baby… But I’m so weak.
Because of him.
Because of what he did to me.

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