Shattered Magic by Viola Grace (ePUB)

shattered magic, viola grace

Shattered Magic (An Obscure City #3) by Viola Grace – Free eBooks Download


Hari has tried to avenge her past and strike a balance for her future. Time will judge her success.

Born to an unusual combination of extranaturals, Hari is duped into filling a space for a ritual at the governor’s mansion. A night of horror, death, and panic burned her soul. Hari spent the next night being punished for simply being chosen, though the prior events stopped any possible pursuit of that choice.
Unable to shake off the spectre of that night, she continues to move forward in life until unruly vampires in the strip club summon her from her domain, and she is forced to enforce the defense of her business. The governor’s assistant arrives, and the governor is on his heels. They subdue the vampires, and the reunion is undeniable.
Time, revenge, and life in the dream realm all come to a head as Hari finally agrees that Zerul is her destiny and she can learn to be the lady of the manor as long as she doesn’t raise her voice.

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