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shattered, lynn rhys

Shattered (Groveton College) by Lynn Rhys – Free eBooks Download


You know that saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”? I wish I could say that quote is totally full of it. My life was good. I had a wonderful family, a loving mother and father. And then that life was ripped from me.
With my father gone, my mother remarried. Then I was accepted into an Architecture Program at Groveton College. And we started a new life. Everything was going well again. Until it wasn’t.
My new stepbrother Xayden and his best friends, Dekker and Seven, are hotter than the sun. But they are also complete pains in the you know where. From the moment we met, they’ve hated me. Oh, and they even have their little sorority pets to help in making my life a ton of fun. And by fun, I mean completely and utterly miserable.
And just when I think it can’t get any worse, I end up being the target of a mysterious someone who is hell-bent on torturing me.
Life isn’t good. Nothing about this existence is good. I wish someone would have told twelve-year-old me not to get too comfortable with what she had. That life will never ever be great again.

And that it’s only a matter of time before my world is completely shattered.

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