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I’m the pickiest dater in the world.
So I made a deal with my bestie:
To say ‘yes’ to the first three guys who asked me out.
But I never thought I’d be saying yes to these three hunks.

Luke Hendricks is a calm, confident, and dry-witted former Air Force Captain who now pilots commercial aircraft. With a chiseled jawline and a voice like distant thunder, we share an evening Salsa dancing together—and then much more.
Adam Mandalay—who my bestie says is a mandatory lay—is a fellow flight attendant who asks me out on a pity date. But after things get hot and heavy on an international flight, there’s nothing for either of us to pity.
Finally there’s Taylor Hawkins, a former Navy pilot who now flies a private seaplane like a dashing character from the 1950s. With sun-kissed blond hair, a perpetual grin, and a smooth Texas drawl, he reminds me of a high-flying Matthew McConaughey.

Everything is going great with my three suitors until Luke hooks me up with a flight attendant gig for a private airline.
And although the money is very good, not everything is what it seems.
Especially when we begin flying some awfully suspicious routes to Mexico…

Can we figure out what’s happening on these private flights?
Or will my curiosity send all four of us into a nosedive?

SHARED BY THE PILOTS is a sizzling Reverse Harem Romance full of high-altitude fun and sizzling romance. HEA guaranteed!

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