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I didn’t think I would ever see him again. Travis King stole my heart on spring break five years ago, but we knew long-distance would never work. Now he’s a big league quarterback and coming to Los Angeles—the same team I just started my postgraduate concussion study with. He says he wants me and never stopped thinking about me. But I signed a code of conduct, and if we sleep together, the league will pull the plug on the study and I won’t get my PhD.

How can I resist him when he keeps looking at me like that?

I came to Los Angeles to win a championship. The entirety of my being was focused on that single goal—until Coach introduced me to Juliette Cartwright. He didn’t know that we had already met. Already fallen in love. Already experienced the heartbreak of a lifetime. It’s so hard to focus on football when she stands on the sideline watching every practice and every game. The animal inside me can only be restrained for so long. Soon my control will snap.

I need her.

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